Новый стиль для преображения вашего сада или любого другого открытого пространства, чтобы жить и наслаждаться, благодаря дизайну Made in Italy

Start seeing results in just few minutes using our awesome new product.

3 LED lights kit (30W – 0,2A), 6500K (x3), lumen 1000 (x3)

White or natural painted wooden support base

Electric resistance heater 1500W – 6,6A

Pumping unit F25 (with low water block)

Ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles

10L tank, 2h autonomy with maximum consumption mode 60” work 15” pause

Misting system 110W – 0,5A

Remote control ON/OFF lights+misting

Analogic timer, to set pause/work cycles

Programming time pause/work: time ON from 5” to 60”

Programming time pause/work: time OFF from 5” to 60”